Looking to sell your Commercial Real Estate fast? Try the Real Estate services of the Best Realtors in Haverhill MA!

Looking to sell your Commercial Real Estate fast? Try the Real Estate services of the Best Realtors in Haverhill MA!


If you want to sell your commercial property for the best price you must choose the OlivaresandMolinateam.com. They have been in real estate for years and have helped their clients sell several properties. Their network of buyers are always looking to buy and are always asking for commercial inventory opportunities which in turn allow them to connect buyers and sellers.

OlivaresandMolinateam.com offers realistic, competitive prices for your commercial property that are sure to attract an audience to sell in a timely manner. The Olivares & Molina Team is dedicated to the Real Estate FULL TIME! These REALTORS have the knowledge and understanding of a good marketing plan required to effectively sell real estate, which always benefits their clients.

They have great knowledge of the local markets, including recent sales and commercial real estate demands. The Olivares & Molina Team are able to handle a variety of price ranges, from entry-level office space to large commercial properties or buildings. They are highly focused with the understanding on who the target buyer is and how to get your property in connected with the right buyer. OlivaresandMolinaTeam.com strives to deliver a personal and professional approach to consumers’ needs in all aspects of the Real Estate Market.

Keeping in touch with their clients is very important to OlivaresandMolinaTeam. Will and Denise will always be easy at reach, ensuring they stay in contact with their clients through every step of the process.  Starting from understanding your expectations and helping you through the appraisal process until the later stages of the sale is the key reason the Olivares & Molina Team are well recommended.

If you are looking for the best realtors in haverhill MA reach out to OlivaresandMolinaTeam.com now. You can call them or meet them in person to get to know the whole process involving selling commercial Real Estate. You can avoid a lot of hassle and reach qualified buyers by going through experienced REALTORS like Will and Denise. You can get several of your questions answered about documentation and the technicalities that are involved in selling a commercial property.

If you have questions about selling your Office or Commercial real estate property or if you want to know how much is your Real estate worth to sell in today’s market you can always call Will and Denise. They are offering incredible services to be the best realtors in Haverhill MA  .

Whether you want to sell a small or large commercial real estate you can always get the best options when you reach out to Will and Denise at OlivaresandMolinaTeam. Your property will benefit by reaching out to these knowledgeable REALTORS.

Dream of Homeownership Alive with Young People

More and more millennials are getting into the housing market. A survey by homebuilder PulteGroup found that 65% of those who make more than $50,000 a year reported increased interest in buying a home.

The recession has forced Generation Y, roughly those age 18 to 34, to delay buying homes. Now millennials are now entering their thirties and the cost of buying a home is now becoming a reality.

While student loans and financial resources are keeping some younger people from the housing market many others are realizing that in many cases owning a home is cheaper than renting.

The survey also reported that millennials know what they want in a home:

84% listed storage as a priority was ample storage                
76% want space for TV and movie watching                                                                          
69% desire an open living/room kitchen layout                                                                            
63% look for outdoor living or a deck                                                                                              
36% cited the ability to work at home

Other recent studies have affirmed the PulteGroup study and have shown that 90% of millennials plan to buy a home someday keeping the dream of homeownership alive.                                                    

Another Property Sold in Methuen, MA

Methuen, MA:

This Condo in Methuen, MA recently sold for $225,000. Above market list price!

This is a Townhouse style home and featured 6 total rooms, 2 full baths, 3 bedrooms, and was sold by
Olivares & Molina Team – Coco, Early & Associates The Olivares and Molina Division within 7 days of marketing with multiple offers! Contact us if you are looking to get results within 30 days of listing your home!

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Get Off the Fence

Whether you are a buyer or a seller it is time to get off the fence. Despite years of bad news surrounding the real estate market, the time has come when it is both a good time to be a buyer and a seller.

Why Buy?

Here are just a few reasons why you should get off the fence and buy:

1. When investors start gobbling up real estate you know it’s a good deal. In 2011, investors upped their buying by 64%.  While it is still not time to start flipping for a profit the clock is ticking down to an uptick in prices.

2. Interest rates are historically low. You have been hearing this for a while but they are hovering right around 4%.

3. First-time buyers are in a unique position. They didn’t lose money in the housing market.

4. It’s a great deal! Prices are at all-time lows. So you may be saving as much as 40% off a home if you buy now.

Why Sell?

Here are just a few reasons why you should get off the fence and sell:

1. Inventory is shrinking. Demand is up and in certain areas and price ranges there is limited inventory so putting your home on the market now will most likely result in a sale.

2. Mortgage availability has stabilized. Mortgage restrictions are loosening and especially first-time buyers are able to get mortgages as they were not affected as much by the financial crisis.

3. Unemployment is not as bad as you think. One is 30 Americans is unemployed as a result of the recent financial crisis. There are lots of able buyers out there.

4. Houses are selling and some are even going to bidding wars. Homes that are priced according to the market are selling and selling quickly.

5. Don’t wait for prices to increase. This could be a long wait.