Selling your home in MA or NH?

Many consumers come to us asking questions as to why us? Why should they choose the Olivares & Molina Team to sell their home? Here are 3 top questions and answers as to why?


1. “What services do you offer?”

The Olivares & Molina Team offer top notch Real Estate services for the consumer looking to buy or sell a home with attention to detail and vast knowledge of Real Estate trends and local market conditions. With over 15 years of experience and helping many buyers and sellers we are ready at a moments notice to help you with all your Real Estate needs. The Olivares & Molina Team create a personalized marketing plan for each home and our goal is to sell your home within 30 days.

3. I want to sell my property. What is the overall process?

The process starts by developing a Comparative Market Analysis of the home to determine the most efficient price and marketing plan. An exclusive marketing plan is created for each and every home with strong emphasis on dedicating social media and internet marketing as well as global outreach of the sellers home to attract all possible buyers. Prior to marketing the home is photographed by a professional photographer with videos to further enhance marketing of the home. Once the home is listed open houses are scheduled along with broker tours to insure we provide access to potential buyers and agents whom may have an interested buyer. The goal, with proper pricing and marketing, is to insure a contract is achieved within the first two weeks or sooner and a successful sale within 30 to 45 days. These processes of marketing a home is a team effort and for this reason the seller has access to Will Molina and Denise Olivares to ensure a successful sale.

3. Why choose a REALTOR?

Its imperative that potential sellers understand the importance of hiring a professional to engage in listing their home. It takes a full time REALTOR with experience and knowledge of the market and trends to fully create a seamless transaction so that every goal is achieved. Our commitment to ensure that our sellers achieve the ultimate price is what drives us to be dedicated to our profession. Our current reviews throughout the internet and the number of sellers we have represented is what makes the Olivares & Molina Team the choice for your home selling needs.

Looking to sell your Commercial Real Estate fast? Try the Real Estate services of the Best Realtors in Haverhill MA!

Looking to sell your Commercial Real Estate fast? Try the Real Estate services of the Best Realtors in Haverhill MA!


If you want to sell your commercial property for the best price you must choose the They have been in real estate for years and have helped their clients sell several properties. Their network of buyers are always looking to buy and are always asking for commercial inventory opportunities which in turn allow them to connect buyers and sellers. offers realistic, competitive prices for your commercial property that are sure to attract an audience to sell in a timely manner. The Olivares & Molina Team is dedicated to the Real Estate FULL TIME! These REALTORS have the knowledge and understanding of a good marketing plan required to effectively sell real estate, which always benefits their clients.

They have great knowledge of the local markets, including recent sales and commercial real estate demands. The Olivares & Molina Team are able to handle a variety of price ranges, from entry-level office space to large commercial properties or buildings. They are highly focused with the understanding on who the target buyer is and how to get your property in connected with the right buyer. strives to deliver a personal and professional approach to consumers’ needs in all aspects of the Real Estate Market.

Keeping in touch with their clients is very important to OlivaresandMolinaTeam. Will and Denise will always be easy at reach, ensuring they stay in contact with their clients through every step of the process.  Starting from understanding your expectations and helping you through the appraisal process until the later stages of the sale is the key reason the Olivares & Molina Team are well recommended.

If you are looking for the best realtors in haverhill MA reach out to now. You can call them or meet them in person to get to know the whole process involving selling commercial Real Estate. You can avoid a lot of hassle and reach qualified buyers by going through experienced REALTORS like Will and Denise. You can get several of your questions answered about documentation and the technicalities that are involved in selling a commercial property.

If you have questions about selling your Office or Commercial real estate property or if you want to know how much is your Real estate worth to sell in today’s market you can always call Will and Denise. They are offering incredible services to be the best realtors in Haverhill MA  .

Whether you want to sell a small or large commercial real estate you can always get the best options when you reach out to Will and Denise at OlivaresandMolinaTeam. Your property will benefit by reaching out to these knowledgeable REALTORS.

Choosing the Olivares and Molina Team When Selling your Real Estate Property

Choosing the Olivares and Molina Team When Selling your Real Estate Property

Some people think they can save money by selling their homes or property by themselves. What they don’t realize is that if you want to sell your house or property for the best price, you must choose a realtor in Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, that’s the Olivares and Molina Team, who are expert REALTORS in Haverhill MA . Here’s what they can help you with:

Setting the Price

Since they are experts, the Olivares and Molina Team have in-depth knowledge of the local marketplace. They can give home sellers up-to-date information on the market, to include information about pricing, financing, and the terms of sale of nearby properties. This information is what determines the best price at which to sell your home. The Olivares and Molina Team will often suggest repairs or renovations that can increase the value of your home, allowing you to sell it for a higher price.

Expert Assistance

Selling your house is a big-money transaction, usually more than $100,000 worth. This large sum of money generally requires expert knowledge. The REALTORS of the Olivares and Molina Team can answer all of your questions and concerns, ensuring the quickest sale at the best price.

Understand that, if you are selling without an agent and the buyer has an agent, you will have to deal with the buyer’s agent. Are you ready for that, or should you let one expert deal with the other?


If you were to sell your house yourself, you would probably put an advertisement in the classified section of a newspaper and maybe a couple other things. A realtor has access to many different marketing avenues, from social media to open houses to brochures to websites, just to name a few. The Olivares and Molina Team has a website and an up-to-date blog at that will expose your home to potential buyers. They also use other means to market properties. Here is a sample of the free marketing you receive when you list your home with the Olivares and Molina Team.

It’s about more than just having access to advertising avenues. As expert REALTORS, Olivares and Molina Team know how, where, and when to advertise in the best way for your home. One of the most important things a REALTOR will do is network, which results in more sales than advertising. Real estate agents have contacts from previous clients, referrals, friends, and family, all of which lead to sales.


The Olivares and Molina Team are negotiators. They know when a prospective buyer’s offer is fair or not. They can advise if the seller should take and offer or counteroffer. Remember that the Olivares and Molina Team succeed when a seller sells, and they want to sell the house or property for the best price too. Having a professional to negotiate for you is a real benefit to working with a real estate agent. A real estate agent will also walk clients through contracts, one of the more complicated parts of selling a house.

From Sales Agreement to Closing

Buyers and sellers may have questions, either about the house or property, or about the buying or selling process. A member of the Olivares and Molina Team can answer these questions without hesitations. Sometimes there’s an issue with the title; a realtor can help. Sometimes, the buyer wants to finance repairs or improvements; a realtor can help. Sometimes, the paperwork is overwhelming; let a realtor handle the paperwork. The Olivares and Molina Team can make the transition to closing smooth and stress-free.

Still Not Convinced?

If you’re still not convinced that using a real estate agent from Olivares and Molina Team is the best way to sell your property for the best price, consider some of the mistakes people make when they sell homes themselves.

The wrong price: Setting the price too low means you won’t make as much money. Setting the price too high means you won’t sell. The price should be based on the market, not on your need.

Tall grass: If a house isn’t well-maintained, it will not sell as well. The first thing prospective buyers notice is the aesthetics of the outside of the house. If the yard isn’t kept, or if the house needs paint, or if the grass needs to be cut, the likelihood of a sale goes way down.

Mis-marketing: Many people who choose to sell their home without a realtor think they can put a few classifieds in the newspaper and leave it alone. Realtors have networks and multiple marketing avenues that lead to buyers. Unless you are ready to network, build a website, use social media, and pay for advertising, you will have a hard time selling your house without an agent.

The Olivares and Molina Team are partners in the Coco, Early & Associates Olivares & Molina Division in Bradford MA.

You can reach them at:

978-360-3441, 978-360-3769, or

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Olivares & Molina Team – Coco, Early & Associates The Olivares and Molina Division within 7 days of marketing with multiple offers! Contact us if you are looking to get results within 30 days of listing your home!

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